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Thread: Christy Canyon

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    In The Commercial, Christy certainly gives good head and a great ride on the car bonnet.

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    I also notice that she removed her high heels before riding on the car bonnet - like a well-behaved lady.

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    Icon12 Christy Canyon pics : Moved

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    Yes, but superfluous?

    Quote Originally Posted by ron2k7 View Post
    Nice, agreed. Since we already have a Christy Canyon thread on this forum, shouldn't these be there?

    Otherwise, where will it end?

    Ginger Lynn.

    Ginger Lynn's dimples.

    Ginger Lynn's facial dimples.

    Ginger Lynn's sacral dimples.


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    Thanks to the mods for merging the threads.

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    Christy Canyon Compares Full Natural Breasts with KeLi Stewart

    [QUOTE=davewebb;54017] Christy Index Extra: Christy Canyon Compares Natural Breasts with KeLi Stewat
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinan View Post
    Did she ever a anal scene?
    Only in a photoset for her website that came out in December 2009. She did get rimmed in The Show along with anal dildos in a couple of scenes and a set from her site several years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davewebb View Post
    Christy Index Extra: Christy Canyon Compares Natural Breasts with KeLi Stewat

    Keli and Christy together in a magazine layout
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    dirty letters
    Klaatu barada nikto

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    The best copy of this clip (with Frank James) I have ever come across:

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    Happy 2017 Birthday

    ... some will tell you June 17th is Christy's birthday and she's 51 today ...

    This is a good print of a well-known scene. First a preview to whet your appetite, then the scene itself if anybody's interested.

    dr. desire - - internet adult film database
    * Scene 2. Christy Canyon
    * Scene 3. Christy Canyon, Billy Dee, Steve Drake

    my source: an abdec DVD post by DocB in April 2005

    Dialog Highlight: "Hi! My name is Nancy. I don't want to know what your names are."

    Filename Size
    DrDesire - preview.avi 3.18 MB
    Download link
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    Fill what's empty, empty what's full.

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    What you saw in the preview (Susan Hart and Christy Canyon sunning) is what workmen Billy Dee and Steve Drake saw from the roof across the way.

    In this scene, they've come over to get a closer look.

    Christy explains that this is Dr. Phil Latio's sex clinic for young women whose libidos are out of control.

    I wanted the scene to be brighter and redder than it was, so I made that happen. I also wanted several other things, but there's little I can do to make them ever happen....

    You'll notice that Christy more or less happily takes a mini-facial from Steve Drake at the end. That struck me as odd because my impression was that she avoided facials. See the attached textfile, NOLD84_CC-GL-JG - note.txt, for why.

    Both scenes were apparently shot in 1984 but if NOLD was Christy's debut, this scene would have been shot _after_ the one that turned her off. I think Christy avoided not facials so much as people cumming in her mouth (after the horror with Jamie). But I'd have to watch every Christy scene again to be sure....

    Filename Size
    DrDe84_CC-BD-SD.avi 238.04 MB
    Download link

    1fichier will delete that 15 days after the last DL.
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    to wit

    ... some notes I made on Christy in NOLD when I posted the scene to usenet years ago ...

    The scene with Petey was poorly shot. There are many shitty versions of it floating around, some posted by me. This is one of the least-shitty versions (Dargo source, my xcode). Petey has to choose between watching Ginger Lynn devour his dick and watching Christy Canyon strip nekkid. Life is hard and then you lose your mind. way to save money shooting a porn flick...
    camera and lighting:
    Wess A. Madden .... camera operator
    Park Peters .... lighting
    Gary Shaver .... camera operator

    reviewer chello-1 [reliably knowledgeable about all things Christy] on IMDB adds this:
    "These scenes for NIGHT OF LOVING DANGEROUSLY were shot concurrently and intermingled with another Paradise Visuals film, ON GOLDEN BLONDE, in September 1984, on the same Set [called simply "The Mansion" by those involved], Christy's second and third XXX-filmings."

    first Christy/Ginger g/g
    first Christy/Petey scene

    ...make of this what you will... : amri : reviews : night of loving dangerously
    in his review of NOLD, The Fool tosses out a couple of tidbits:
    1) "Director and writer Michael Phillips appears in this film as Christy's brother, but in real life he was her S/O, the person she left films for in 1985 rather than lose him."
    2) "It's a murder mystery story, where Christy, who appears in more than just sex scenes, is 'Louise Harrison', daughter of Chairman of the Board, Jamie Gillis." in the Jamie scene his character is fucking his daughter?...

    Phillips (Adam, Adam Tarasiacus) walked right into the TL buzzsaw in 1984 and off the edge of the world in 1986. Evidently, anybody who knows anything more about him isn't talking [ Michael Phillips - IMDb ] .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penndraggon View Post

    Kelli and Christy together in a magazine layout
    ,,,Re-Upload of KELLI & CHRISTY...Comparing Their Magnificent ALL Natural Big-Breasts !!

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