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    Hang on a minute I resemble that remark:rolleyes: - we 1940's may be chronologically challenged but 'old' ...never.


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    Theres Only One British Big Titter.

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    Top Ten, lotta competition there.

    I'd suggest Tracy Gibb, Terry Higgins, Karen Wing, Georgina Hope (Emily/Georgina from Gent), Pauline Hickey, Donna Ambrose, and Shona Mactavish for my top 25.

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    Early on Paula "Two Guns" Page,no question,big fan of Margret Middleton as well. Adore Donna Ambrose,built like a fireplug,my particular preference,lately Laura Bailey would fill that void rather nicely

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    I'm surprised no-one's mentioned Lynn Armitage or Toni Francis

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    We have a cut-off at 12-31-79 mainly because of the artificially-sculpted female physiques made possible through modern plastic technology.

    But there are some GREAT naturals still coming out of the "wood"-work. About five years ago, Brit lasses Nicole Peters and Kelly Kay busted-out in Score puiblications, followed by Eastern Euopean beauties Inesse and Ines Cudna. All of them are hotter than any present-day Playmate IMO. Maybe we could have a "Late-MODEL Natural" section or folder?

    Just a thought.

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    Excuse me, too late to edit, tried to change the cut-off to 12-31-99. My suggestion/request still holds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by booblover View Post
    I agree with your Rosina comments, her breast seem to defy gravity.
    I suspect that phenomenon has a lot to do with the fact she was 14 to 15 when she did her posing.

    But for anyone who complains that "they don't make 'em like that any more", I had the pleasure of flying British Airways on Monday with a "cabin attendant" (we used to call them stewardesses) who was in the 22-25 year old range and could have been the grand-daughter of Clyda Rosen. So in Britain, they do still make 'em like they used to.
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