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    Scouring my pics,

    I know I'm new here but I'd like to introduce my self ,I'm pret near 53 so I lived in that era of a lot of free love,so to speak,& dated quite a bit in the 70-80's( though I ,as any man still thought we could have had more, (had we not been so damn picky)! Married thru the mid 80's up to 94 or so , I came to realize quickly that the best era was IMO 1970-1983 or so before the AIDS crap,& other blossoming devestating STDs ruined things.So I'm particularly glad younger as well as other members here coud see the natural beauty of the girls of my era.They are in sharp contrast to a lot (but not all) of the current day simonized,silconized surgically altered,maniqiun like montrousities of nude models!IN THE Chicago & Nw Indiana area it was at one time a "Turkey Shoot" to pick up some nice lookin buxom ladies who looked very similar to the ones we see here! Even average "Joes" back then did A Ok At the Discos. Oh to have those day back again, knowing , of couse what I know now! :)
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    Ahhh, those 70's, indeed! Lucky are we that were of age in those days when all that you could get might be a dose of the clap. I lived for a time outside of Kansas City and the huge breasted farm girls that everyone speaks of were true! I spent my time between college, chasing those huge breasts and bedding them and ogling over the magazines that we now hold in such high esteem!
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    Similar can be said of the Chicago area's lasses.A lot of busty types probably descendants of those Mid-West farmers daughers.You can find a women of any ethnic origin here,from Swede to Itallian or Greek,Slavic to Germanic,& any combination of the mentioned .In that era they were all natural & a ton of them were good lookers.A lot of BT models in the pics here look a lot like some of the chicks we'd see around the clubs in the Chicago area!

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    I've added alot of pics of some great voluptious babes ,can't imagine why they were not uploaded?Mr. Winger they are just your stlyle, wild & tantintilizingly voluoptiuos,hope they'll be posted!! ATB Geocor!!

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