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    seeking Phallus help

    The names of some of the female performers in "Phallus Story" c1978 are eluding me. Here are my notes.

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    Vintage movies collection by sofia13
    2018-09-21 03:14:13

    Phallus story (1978)
    Released: 1978
    Director: Maxime de Best as Maxi Micky
    Notes: Orpham / Europrodis

    Alternate Titles: Amours N° 6 video title

    Cathy /Stewart plays Sophie
    Jenny Feeling plays Lison

    Jean-Louis Vattier plays Nicolas
    Alban Ceray plays Fred
    Charlie Schreiner plays Paul
    Dominique Irissou plays Jean

    Format: Wmv <= no, see the AVI
    Size: 968 MB
    Resolution: 640x480
    Duration: 01:11:44


    Phallus Story

    Titre original :

    Réalisé par : Maxime Debest*
    Produit par : Serge Gracieux Georges Combret Orpham Productions Europrodis
    Genre : Pornographique
    Durée : 01:10:00
    Année : 1978
    Date de sortie en salle : 09/05/1979
    Pays : France

    Acteurs : Jean-Louis Vattier, Thierry de Brem [?], Charlie Schreiner, Alban Ceray, Dominique Irissou

    Actrices : Virginie Caillat [?], Catherine Greiner, Denise Lascène [?], Marie-Claude Viollet, Agnès Lemercier

    Titre secondaire : Amours n° 6
    Pseudonymes ou alias : * Maxi Micky

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    Phallus story (1978)
    Posted by icicle on Jul 10, 2012 in Classic Porn, Feature, Films, Vintage | 0 comments
    Quality: VHSRip
    Language: Original

    Description: Cathy Stewart is like a stray dog, sucking cocks here and there. Various sexual activities, mixed with various swindles in a nice castle, and believe it or not, a party at the end : this is good porn!

    File Size: ~1100MB
    Resolution: 640×480
    Duration: 72 min
    Format: avi

    Download Link(s): [381MB + 381MB + 334MB]

    Tags: Alban Ceray, Cathy Stewart, Charlie Schreiner, Dominique Irissou, Europrodis, Jean-Louis Vattier, Jenny Feeling, Maxi Micky, Maxime de Best, Orpham, Vintage

    Simple, naturalistic porn
    lor_24 May 2011
    Unsung auteur Maxime Debest (he's not, despite the transliterated pun of his nom de film) hit upon a winning formula with the in-your-face titled PHALLUS STORY, a French hardcore porn film that is refreshingly unpretentious.

    He strikes a welcome naturalism, as familiar porn heroine Cathy Stewart/Grenier wanders around outside during the opening reel, finding couples copulating in the shrubbery everywhere she looks.

    It isn't an "Alice in Wonderland" mood, but rather a parallel world that looks deceptively like our own, except that this being porn everyone is irremediably horny. Instead of beating around the bush, so to speak, Debest simply posits that sex is the most natural thing humans can do, anywhere, anytime. And that fantasy is what porn is all about.

    As the film progresses, there are sex scenes indoors, with various groupings and co-minglings of the main characters, but it is this opening reel impression of people making love everywhere you look in the Great Outdoors that lingers. Stewart is attractive and enthusiastic in her role, though the sex tends to be of the mechanical nature one finds in these quickie productions.

    Other femmes are okay, and the male cast is, as the title suggests, largely subjugated to their prime appendages in a clearly cock-centric visual format. Shot on film, the picture provides atmosphere lacking from the subsequent switch to cheapie video lensing.

    Phallus Story (1979)
    1h 20min Adult 09 May 1979 (France) Movie

    Director: Maxime Debest
    Writers: Thérèse Blanc, Jacques Chaumelle
    Stars: Alban Ceray, Dominique Irissou, Agnès Lemercier See more »
    Review: 1 User
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Alban Ceray ... Fred
    Dominique Irissou ... Jean
    Agnès Lemercier ... Lison (as Jenny Feeling)
    Charlie Schreiner ... Paul
    Cathy Stewart ... Sophie
    Jean-Louis Vattier ... Nicolas
    Marie-Claude Viollet ... Tina

    Directed by Maxime Debest (as Maxi Micky)
    Written by
    Thérèse Blanc ... (writer)
    Jacques Chaumelle ... (writer)
    Produced by
    Georges Combret ... producer
    Serge Gracieux ... producer
    Music by Jacques Chaumelle
    Cinematography by Jacques Ledoux
    Film Editing by Roland Grillon
    Production Management
    Henry Frogers ... unit production manager
    Jean Lefait ... production manager
    Sound Department: Pierre Goumy ... sound
    Other crew
    Catherine Lefait ... script supervisor
    Christine Rondwasser ... script supervisor
    Production Companies
    Orpham Productions
    Distributors: Audifilm (1979) (France) (theatrical)
    Special Effects
    Other Companies
    Plot Keywords : sex hardcore See All (2) »
    Genres : Adult

    Certification : France:X
    Additional Details
    Also Known As
    Phallus Story (France)
    Runtime : 80 min
    Country : France
    Language : French
    Color : Color

    1. Cathy Stewart (Sophie) tries to suck off Jean-Louis Vattier (Nicolas) but can't make him cum and so flips him off and walks away.
    2. Cathy spots Jenny Feeling? (Lison) and Dominique Irissou (Jean) kissing, and walks on when Jenny starts sucking Dominique's dick.
    3. She watches a different girl (wavy brown hair?) blowing Alban Ceray (Fred) lying on the ground (and plays with herself as she watches)
    [an unseen man and a woman shout something back and forth and music begins - the audio is French (only)]
    4. Dominique fucks the first brunette doggy. Alban fucks the second. Cumshots on both asses. Cathy finishes.
    [switch to a farmhouse, with the three girls and Alban sitting and talking; the girls are telling stories?... a couple walks in the woods; Cathy runs towards the farmhouse; a girl is being interviewed in an office]
    5. Charlie Schreiner (Paul) interviews brown-haired Marie-Claude Viollet? (Tina) on his desk from behind. Quick but hot.
    [Cathy is now working for the others - clearing the table outside, making the bed; Dominique enters and sits down at his typewriter]
    6. Cathy sucks off Dominique - very nice
    7. The two brunettes (one has dark-brown wavy hair) walk in a field and then stop to play. This goes on for a while.

    ... We're missing one female from the IMDB list. Either the girl with Dominique at the beginning or the girl with Alban that follows is Jenny Feeling (Agnès Lemercier - probably the first), but we don't know who the other one is. Jenny usually has straight black hair.

    8. Cathy (still a maid, dusting) sees Alban's drawing of a nude and makes him an offer. He accepts. Leather couch, she keeps her boots on.
    [no transition: Agnès, Alban, and the wavy brunette sitting on one couch; Dominique, Jenny, and Charlie sitting on another]
    9. Charlie chases Cathy up the stairs and fucks her standing up from behind, then doggy on a bed.
    10. Cathy sees Marie-Claude? and Charlie naked in bed and joins them (hops on Charlie).
    [now we're back outside, eating; somebody walks away from us]
    11. Jenny fucks Dominique and Alban briefly fucks ? (on that leather couch). Cathy watches from the doorway until Jean-Louis approaches her from behind and they leave.
    12. Cathy and Jean-Louis start making out in a chair, but... nothing.
    13. Jenny and the frizzy brunette take on Jean-Louis outside by a hedge but again, nothing happens.
    14. Inside, Cathy blows Alban. Classical music. Both are clothed.
    15. Cathy takes Dominique for a really nice ride. Bed. Mostly reverse cowgirl.
    [Charlie, Marie-Claude?, and Cathy - four drinks on a coffee table. Charlie leaves with Marie-Claude? and Jean-Louis joins them. Cathy leaves. Dominique and Jenny stay.]
    16. Marie-Claude? gets on Charlie and Jean-Louis pretends (I think) to buttfuck her. Vattier is not my favorite performer.
    [Cathy alone, typing and talking. Then we're all gathered in the living room. Cathy lays a sheaf of paper on the coffee table and people - only Charlie and Marie-Claude? - start signing the top page. Marie-Claude? and Cathy leave with Charlie and Jean-Louis.]
    17. In the bedroom, Cathy with Charlie, Marie-Claude? with Jean-Louis.
    18. In the livingroom, Jenny with Dominique, frizzy brunette with Alban.
    [back and forth we go, changing partners - some looping from before]

    Cathy, suitcase in hand, hits the road again after bidding farewell to Jenny, frizzy blonde, Dominique, and Alban. (no sign of the others)

    I'm not seeing something. The girl I'm calling frizzy or wavy brunette or dark-haired blonde is familiar and has a large part, but both IMDB and EGAFD ignore her. Marie-Claude Viollet (Tina) is shaved and the wavy girl isn't. Note that EncycloCiné thinks Valérie Martin's is in it and Marie-Claude Viollet is not. So I'm among those who obviously need help ID-ing two of the girls.
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