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Thread: Barbie Dahl

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    Barbie Dahl

    director-writer-producer Joyce James offers up another obscure offbeat oddity, a scene from
    "Vamp" c1986, starring ...maybe that isn't the right word...
    Barbie Dahl, Joe Santini, and Wayne Lewis (aka Ken Dahl) as The Prince of Perversion

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    Vamp86JJ_BD-JS-WL.avi 89.63 MB
    Download link

    (If this looks like Sarno's work to you, well, it looks like Sarno's work to me, too.)

    FWIW, I'll wager that if you could find Joyce James remaining film, "Desperately Sleazy Susan" also c1986, you'd find you have either exactly the same movie as "Vamp" or the same movie shot in a different apartment. Judge for yourself:

    Vamp (1986) (V)
    Desperately Sleazy Susan (1986) (V)
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    a side of hooker

    ... boy, I sure have a lot of _bad_ Barbie Dahl scenes - this is one of the better ones ...

    Barbie and Johnny Nineteen open "Passage Thru Pamela" c1985 like this.

    There's some intercutting with the titular Pamela, supposedly in Argentina, but it eventually makes the fuckscene hotter so I left it in.

    I noticed in a Dries review that Barbie was originally from Germany, which I didn't know (IMDB just says East Coast, born in USA). That may explain the strange dubbing in some of Barbie's films, but her English is just fine in Pamela.

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    PTP85_BD-JN.avi 101.05 MB
    Download link
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    She did a film w/ Molly O'Brian and I had to look again as I mistook her for Bunny Bleu.

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    I'll have to take your word for it. Her start year of 1988 pushes her off my radar. But checking TOF, I see she has a lot of fans, and for good reason. Thanks for bringing that/her to my attention. We owe a lot to all the Guys Who Never Threw Anything Away for all those years....

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