While some of this has been posted elsewhere this post should clarify what is going on. During the migration from our old Gallery Software to the one currently being used, a number of pics seemed to disappear. When people did searches, the lost or orphaned pics would show up and if the pics were opened on a single page, the location bar just above the picture would be displayed with one or two missing segments.

After some searching and programming a macro was developed that would open, resize, and close each and every picture in the database, including those that had really been delete. It was discovered that the pics so processed ended up in the top folder of those displayed ie. Pre-1950's Rabbit1's Vintage Corner. So a new top folder, Orphan Picture Folder, was added to accumulate the pics. We are around 50% complete with this effort.

Because there is no rhyme or reason as to why a pic became an orphan we have decided to accumulate them all before redistributing them back to the main area folders. In fact, we began moving them out only to find new pics of the same model appearing in the Orphan Picture Folder so that is the reason for them staying there.

Hopefully that answers all the questions.

Your MA Operating Team