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Thread: Janey Robbins

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    Janey Robbins

    William Margold being righteously disciplined by Mistress Robbins

    from "Dial F for Fantasy" c1984

    A string of distributors (Pleasure Productions, LA Video, etc) sliced it and diced it over the years.

    This "lesson in humility" footage was usually cut.

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    DFFF84_WM-JR.avi 87.48 MB
    Download link
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  2. Thanks burpman Thanks for this post
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    the lineup

    Janey with Herschel Savage
    opening scenes from Vatelli's "Bodies in Heat" c1983
    (including the opening credits because they're cool)

    It's Janey's only footage in this one, but the scene was repurposed several times.
    FWIW, this movie made AVN's list of Greatest Adult Films (2005).

    This print is from a 2007 Excalibur DVD rental.

    She did a handful of loops the year before this was released, and she hit the ground running hard so there's a lot of 1982-83 work to see, but this is still early Janey by my lights.

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    BIH83_begin.avi 121.06 MB
    Download link
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    the succubus

    Janey and Jamie, in roles they will reprise several more times
    This one is from "Coffee, Tea or Me" c1984.

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    CTOM84_JR-JG.avi 74.18 MB
    Download link
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    reporting to the boss

    Janey with Herschel again
    from "Fleshdance" c1983

    very short, suboptimal print, but better Janey is on the way

    Fleshdance83_JR-HS.avi 40.53 MB
    Download link
    Removal link
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    getting off on the right foot

    Janey with three pups, from Alex deRenzy's "Girlfriends" c1984

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    ADR-GF-DVD_JR-boyz.avi 96.38 MB
    Download link
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    Gilda makes it all better

    Janey with Joanna Storm (looking incredible) - hot role-playing dialog
    from a Caballero tape-to-DVD print (thanks, NEWTY) of "Her Wicked Ways" c1983

    Nice movie. It deserved better than what Caballero did (or didn't do) to it. Fortunately, VinegarSyndrome felt the same way and they re-released it - with a commentary track featuring the Lewis brothers:

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    HWWays83_JR-JS.avi 112.67 MB
    Download link
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