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    Thobbing Threesome
    ThobTr.avi (281,59 MB) -
    .. 281 mb, 01:00:20 min, 320x240, Avi

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    re post #97 and Lynn Nelson

    > Teachers Weekend Vacation
    > TeacWV.avi (240,36 MB) -
    > .. 240 mb, 00:51:32 min, 320x240, avi

    Lynn Nelson - IMDb

    As it turns out, I have preview sheets for all of Lynn's work (per IMDB). She has a lovely body and, unlike almost everyone she worked with, a nice personality. But she never got to be in a movie made by competent people. I've left out Cousin Betty because it's so well known by now.

    Let's see if MA will let me upload all the preview sheets at once.
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    Frammin' at the jim-jam, frippin' in the krotz.

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    The Devil Made Me Do It !
    tDMdmi.avi (210,31 MB) -
    .. 210 mb, 00:52:55 min, 320x240, avi

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    On a Trip
    .. 249 mb, 00:59:15 min, 320x240, avi

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    Cock suckers from mars
    .. 246 mb, 00:53:27 min, 320x240, avi

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    .. 142 mb, 00:44:31 min, 320x240, mp4

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    Ass Lovers
    .. 248 mb, 00:58:29 min, 320x240, avi

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    Ummm, not so much.

    It isn't "the story of a band of loving sweeties with ripe titties and pink clitties - bursting with sweet love juice". It's (part of) a fairly well-known Hard-R feature titled Tomatoes, c1970. Reviewer lor_ has a nice write-up of it here: Tomatoes (1970) . Reviewer Flash pans it here: .

    The Historic Erotica version is about half the movie (and the cover art is from a different movie). I have a version that runs 01:11:16 .

    The lor_ review notes that the bearded burly guy in one of the filler scenes VCX added for its DVD release is Reb Sawitz. He doesn't mention Reb's day job as a, let's say, talent scout. Interesting guy. Lots of Sawitz stories.

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    Sawitz plus

    Here's a preview sheet for the 01:11:16 version, along with part of my collection of Reb Sawitz clippings.
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    Bonita Negra Chocha
    .. 267 mb, 00:59:20 min, 320x240, avi

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    Sawitz in Tomatoes

    ... the Reb Sawitz footage from the VCX release of "Tomatoes" c 1970 ...

    afaik, the girl remains unidentified

    Reb's appearance in this is... interesting. At the time (late '60s), he was in fact working as a debt/rent collector IRL for girls who weren't paying the rent because they weren't getting paid for work they had done. And that is more or less the plot of Tomatoes - Tommy Toole is hired as a rent collector, all of his collectees turning out to be sexy girls.

    It's tempting to think this whole thing might have been the brainchild of Reb or one of his buddies: two guys sitting in a bar, "Jeez, Reb, your whole life is a bad porn movie!"

    Reb's scene in this is spread out in four cuts over the first 28 minutes of the movie. It runs 00:12:12 in total.
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Name:	TomatoesVCX_unkF-Reb - 4cuts.avi_thumbs.jpg 
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    2 for One
    .. 293 mb, 01:03:43 min, 320x240, avi

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    Supersonic Sex Bash
    .. 314 mb, 01:09:35 min, 320x240, avi

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    Daisy LAY & the 52 Pick-Ups
    .. 234 mb, 00:51:46 min, 320x240, avi

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    Hippies in Heat
    .. 277 mb, 01:03:03 min, 320x240, avi

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    ozark virgin - - internet adult film database
    '''Daisy Lay''': Ozark Virgin? (1971)

    pigtails = Starlyn Simone (w/George Peters in the opening scene)
    other brunette = Maria Arnold (one of the relatively few times Maria did on-camera HC)
    blonde = still unidentified (her dickwork on the windblown hood of the car is outstanding)

    This HE print is six minutes shy of the usual 57 minutes (but that doesn't mean six minutes have been cut - it may just be a different edit).

    The GVC re-release DVD has a bit more color but the print is also a bit blurry. Shrug.

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    Helen's Bed
    .. 261 mb, 01:00:08 min, 320x240, avi

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    > Helen's Bed

    The box description is, as usual, nonsense.

    Maggie Williams with Charles Orlando, from "Teenage Hustler" c1975
    unkF bj, also from TH
    [audio is off by more than a minute]
    back to Maggie and Charles (TH)

    Andrea True with Marc Stevens, from "Millionairess" c1975
    Daryl Spangler spies on Judy Craven and assaults her (same movie)
    Andrea True with Judy Craven (same movie)
    Andrea True, unkF blonde, Jack Webb (last scene in Millionairess)

    [at 31:30, a different movie entirely - fucking in a truck - unknown performers, unknown source (loop?)]

    unkM calls dial-a-slut to order a redhead - this turns out to be a loop another couple is watching (or a story a 13-year-old Girl Scout is reading to a heavily-tattoed guy - she calls him Sir, he makes her say her age at least four times)

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    College Outing
    .. 198 mb, 00:53:59 min, 320x240, avi

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    Sphinkter Lickin' good
    Sphinkter.avi (258,71 MB) -
    .. 258 mb, 00:55:42 min, 320x240, avi

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    Classic Girls in Paradise
    .. 213 mb, 00:47:52 min, 320x240, avi

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    Sawitz in Harlot *

    With the Vinegar Syndrome re-release of "Harlot" c1970, we can see that a 12:32 Sawitz scene was cut from the ABA Cult 70s Howard Ziehm re-release. It's the last scene before the cemetery coda. Reb picks up a girl and they bike off to the woods. A would-be rape somehow turns into a nekkid run thru a strip mall and a seashore fuck. (Don't ask me, I don't know.)

    But the databases are confused about exactly who's who. The on-screen credits say the biker is "Reb". IAFD sez the girl is Marsha Bishop. The lor_ review on IMDB sez the girl is Melody (Patty Alexon). IAFD updated its listing and now shows Butch Griswald playing "Reb".

    I suppose it's possible that Patty and Butch did the part that connects to the rest of the movie and Marsha and Reb did the rest, but I can't sort it out. That makes this one Sawitz with an asterisk. The biker guy here does look a lot like the dude in Tomatoes, though.
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    Erotic Seduction
    EroSedu.avi (224,43 MB) -
    .. 224 mb, 00:48:28 min, 320x240, avi

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    Babysitting Nymphets
    .. 261 mb, 00:56:38 min, 320x240, avi

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