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Thread: Robert Le Ray

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    Robert Le Ray

    Here's a treat - Robert Le Ray at age 84 or so getting his dick nicely sucked by four babes at least 50 years younger than he is. Look how happy everybody is to be part of it!

    The set-up is that RLR's two sons pick up girls, bring them back to the house, and share the wealth. This is all the RLR footage in the movie.

    The players (besides RLR), near as I can make out:
    Costa (Constantin Acatrinei) as the butler
    Katja Semper as the maid
    two unknowns as the brunettes at the bar
    Christophe Clark and Eric Weiss as the sons
    Alexandra Box as the girl in the threesome
    Blondye and Isabelle Neyle as Santa's elvettes

    The movie is "Die Aufreißer", conventionally dated 1993 but probably shot a couple of years earlier, in France.

    Die Aufreisser
    Robert Le Ray - Biography - IMDb

    Interesting career trajectory for RLR: started making mainstream movies in his early 30s, made a dozen or so of those over the next 30+ years, then took up hardcore porn in his 60s.

    So underneath that is a long life spent mostly not making movies, yet the movies are what he's known for.

    I don't know any RLR stories, but there must be many....

    I'll post the 1fichier link for the clip itself in a bit (it's a very slow upload this morning.
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    > I'll post the 1fichier link for the clip itself in a bit

    Upload finished - Links
    Filename Size
    DieAuf-RLR_cuts01-13.avi 179.81 MB
    Download link

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    In "Les Hôtesses du sexe" c1976, RLR has a problem: his erection won't go down and he can't come. The girls who try to help him include Carole Gire, Maryline Guillaume, Véronique Maugarski, Karine Gambier, and Erika Cool. Remarkable.

    BTW, I've been looking off and on for some time for the Americanized release of that one, which egafd describes this way: "Love Airline USA, with some additional exterior shots, linking scenes and a closing scene, all between Georgina Spelvin and John Leslie".


    Les Hôtesses du sexe
    love airlines - - internet adult film database
    Love Airlines (1978)

    Here's 1) an RLR headshot from the above and 2) what "Love Airline" did with the French performer names.
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