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    Wow! Great to see the site back. You can imagine my surprise at getting an email from one of the old subbed groups that I thought was defunct after the passing of the previous site owner. Hopefully I can contribute again once I'm up and running with new scanning equipment. Looking at an Epson V600 or V700 but would be open to comments on other brands. Anyone else gone back to scanning since the new site appeared?

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    wow surpised site is still here great news lol only realised was up and running when opening an old email hope everyone is doing well.

    what happened that it shut down out of loop for a good while

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    So glad to be back! I thought it was gone forever. Cheers to all responsible for returning us to our rightful place!

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    Goodbya at all.... Is vero great this sites

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    Welcome aboard to some and welcome back to others.
    Registration Problems? Contact me here:

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    Hello Members , new here. Just happened to run across this site last nite and thought I would join. Love the old vintage stuff!!

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    How's it going?

    I'm new and I can't seem to upload an avatar. It just says that the upload failed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashes In Your Mouth View Post
    How's it going?

    I'm new and I can't seem to upload an avatar. It just says that the upload failed.

    Send me your avatar and I will upload it. We are having issues with users modifying their own avatars but mods can do it via a mod page. Just PM your avatar and I will change it.


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    Howdy ! Been on here for a long time, but never saw this intro thread until now ! Anyhoo, I'm boss1968, and so happy to be a member of the absolute BEST vintage erotic site/forum on the internet ! Not a suck up, but the truth !

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    Hello everyone!

    Although I am fairly young, I am literally obsessed with vintage porn! I just love how the girls looked back then and the porn scenes were much hotter in my opinion! I think I will have a great time over here since everyone seems to share this same interest with me. I am very excited to share lots of pictures that I have and I hope to increase my knowledge of all the porn star names as well! This looks like a very good place. Looking forward to this! :)
    Retro XXX Addict!

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    Just checking out the galleries and thought I'd say hi.
    Actually looking for some pics from Retro Raunch, which I'll post in the appropriate thread.

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    Ynice to see your archives back again. Still a very good site. Looking forward to cheque your forum again
    regards andhank you

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    Very Glad to see this site back up and running; got a little worried when it went down. I missed looking over all the early year playmates and foreign babes. Hello to every one.

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    Hello Everyone, it's been a long time since I've been on this site and I'm still "feeling my way around", but I think it will be worth the effort.

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