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    Anybody Know Anything About Nancy Watts?

    Two photos of a magnificently-mammaried young lady have showed up here in the last ten days or so. Both are black-and-white shots that appear to be 1950s technology, but the model appears made up in 1970s style. I don't recognize her, and I can't find any information about her with Mr. Google. There was a Nancy Watts who did some BDSM posing in 1986, but I doubt it's her.

    Any ideas?
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    might be Nancy Watts

    ...for reference this thread only, see gallery for originals...
    originals: Nancy Watts - 8_bt_am_profile.jpg and Nancy Watts - bt_145327.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    The first pic looks more polished and looks like the work of John Kirk?
    A couple more snatched from ebay :smile:

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    > the model appears made up in 1970s style

    re my LH pic (Upper Mgmt.), mw1991 IDs it this way:
    "I believe this photo was taken circa 1967. This model was only in a few sets, all taken in a relatively short period of time. Reissued layouts appeared in Parliament mags through early 1970s."

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    Hallelujah! Been waiting for additional pics of her to surface, hope there might be enough for a folder some day. But isn't the one on the left in mjello's post already on the site under another name?

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    > But isn't the one on the left in mjello's post already on the site under another name?

    Sorry. That's my screwup. The one on the left in my post is from here (via Search)
    but I added the "Nancy Watts - " prefix because "bt_145327.jpg" by itself was gonna become meaningless to me in about, oh, 12 seconds. But I forgot to make a note of that. The second pic is also from here (kevin, same link), as is mw1991's comment (same link).

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