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    Moderators - magazine cover question

    MENS WORLD V11 N11.jpgAVN 1996 04.jpg

    I know that covers where we can identify the model should be posted to the model section, but what about cases where 1. There is only a first name 2. A group of identifiable model? My feeling is that they should go to the magazine section, but I want to confirm it before I post. Thank you for your continued efforts to maintain a magnificent, site...actually, it's both!

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    I lean toward a policy of posting covers with identifiable models in her folder AND in the magazine folder; what think others?
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    Speaking just as an end user, I expect to see scans of whole magazines in the magazines section, so I would vote for the model/gallery sections. See also TheZip's note about how to post pix with several models (

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    Hi Beau,

    As stated on the Vintage Porn Mag Covers folder, "Note: Models identified on covers will be moved to their folders if they exist."

    However, this folder is strictly for Pre-80's vintage mag covers. We do not, at this time, have a specific folder for magazine covers in either the 80's or the 90's sections. The two covers that you have posted above do not fit the criteria for the Vintage Porn Mag Covers folder, so my opinion would be to post those, or similar, covers in the "Unknown Models" folder for the relevant time period.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for contributing.

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