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    Rapidshare et al

    While these are not a pay site per se, Rapishare, Megaupload, and others seem to be a critical part of how we access the files not only on this site but others,
    I have been somewhat reluctant, correction, I have refused to provide any credit card information over the internet since I had some issues with credit card fraud. These sites do provide a secondary level of security, through the ability to pay with PayPal.

    I have used a number of these sites and their free download capabilities. Using basically that method, all seemed to be basically the same as far as speed, waiting for downloads, or download limits. So, because of the appearance that Rapidshare is the largest or at least seems to be from my observations and its rates are basically the same as others I am joining as a premium member, that was after I discovered that while the price is in euros, they would gladly accept my PayPal $'s.

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    I use paypal its safe and I have not had a problem with it, for goods its fine for other payments I use bank credit transfer ie; bank to bank only. I will not give my bank details via the internet.

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    I have used paypal for a while and never had a problem with it. I pay for my RS account with it also. I notced that Paypal gives me a better deal than my credit cards do for Euro-Dollar conversion. I have a premium account with RS and I think it is a really good deal especially if you buy a 3 month deal. You basically get a month free on top of the points gained from your up-loads. I calculated that if you took that 3 month deal and utilized the downloads to the maximum amount allowed (25gb/5days) and got a month free and had no upload points, you would be paying 4.5 cents per gb. downloaded. Good deal? I think so.

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    I concur with about everything that Moliere and PhD have said. I, too use PayPal for the securiy it provides, as well as the bank account that supports it is kept initentionally at a mimimal balance for added security.

    As I stated previously, it became a necessity to have a Rapidshare account with all the posts that PhD and Mush have been making, coupled with some other groups that I belong is is a really cheap investment.
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    I have been using rapidshare (paying paypal) for music d'loads for a while now and comparing with other file share sites they are by far the best and quickest!
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    I don't think you have to worry about giving them your information. They are on the safe list of sites that can be trusted.

    But I understand your concern.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mushashi7 View Post
    I don't think you have to worry about giving them your information. They are on the safe list of sites that can be trusted.

    But I understand your concern.

    I do not have a problem with RS, other than the occasional download problem or when I download too many of yours and PhD's posts and exceed the 25GB limit.
    The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.

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    I have two bank accounts and transfer the money from one account to another only when I need it to buy online. That way if someone gets my card details they're not going to get a dime.

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    Premium Account

    I've managed to get a Premium Account at RapidShare. I did it by starting with a Collectors Account and used the generated points to create a Premium Account from these.
    So far I have a Premium Account for at least a year from now on. The daily download is 12 GB. Something I could never use (there simply isn't enough on the net for me to download, LOL!).

    Their service is uncomparable to any other site I know. I have only experienced a couple of hours where they were down due to some problems.

    Even though you are not a Premium Member you still have full download speed - unlike many other sites where you have to be satisfied with under 100 KB/sec if you are a Free User. Of course you are limited to lesser downloads if you don't have a Premium Account.

    They have many features.
    If you are regularly uploading you can use the 'RapidUploader' (easy to configure). You just launch it and add files. They are being uploaded automatically and you receive both the Download Link and the Kill Link under 'History'.
    If you download a lot one day (maybe are in the process of getting many small files) you just activate the cookie (log in and keep you browser open) and click any RapidShare link anywhere - and a 'Save File' window pops up allowing you to save the file immediately (no going to the RapidShare site).
    Of course you can also download many files simultaneously if you like.

    Lately they have secured their accounts with a Security Lock. Whenever you change something regarding your account you have to disable this lock with a code (delete files, extending account etc.). You get a brand new code every time you activate it. This prevents your account from being hacked and misused.

    There are no fancy java scripts at RapidShare. It doesn't feel annoying to connect to their severs/site. And they don't use a lot of spamming advertising to get you to pay.
    They know what they stand for, and their service is real with no bullshit.

    Whenever I see a link to a file that is not on a RapidShare server I almost never download it. I just ignore it as it never existed. I don't bother with other file hosting services anymore. They just aren't attractive or good enough.
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    I used to be a premium subscriber to, but found that fewer and fewer users uploaded to there.

    So I changed to (no connection) about three years ago. I pay by Paypal to safeguard myself and never had a problem with it.

    I found to be very, very good. Occasionally I cannot connect, presumably during busy times, because I am able to visit other sites, but otherwise have no complaints at all.

    That's the thing with a good service: you hardly know it is there!


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    I believe that Rapishare.DE has experienced some legal problems with copyright in the German courts, but I think that Rapidshare.COM is based in Switzerland and is proving resistant to outside pressures.

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    I tried Megaupload for a paid account. Terrible: if anything, downloads are slower than the free ones. I e-mailed a complaint twice and they didn't even write back. I won't renew, but an out for one month. I suggest that you avoid them.

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    Yep, and beware of oron too. I appriciate your fine review of MEGAUPLOAD. As a free one, I have no complaints. Only, so many uploader's has come to the market,
    and we can't all be premium user's.. A sample is Mr Albert, who has done a lot of uploading's, only in some "strange" upload provider's, I never heard of before.

    I'm not sponsored by RS, but I must say they are fair and keep's a nice policy

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    Currently running Oron, Fileserve, Rapidshare, Filesonic and Wupload. I'll probably drop Wupload and Filesonic. Wupload because connections are inconsistent (slow at times) and Filesonic because it seems to have less content. Many uploaders using Oron but then again, Oron sponsors some sites. Rapidshare is still the best for older material and was one of the first to fight back against the RIAA, MPAA and others. At least according to German courts all the producers can do is have the offending material removed. No punitive penalties will be put on the provider. They made it clear that they were in GERMANY not the USA. Also, I've since found at least 2 Usenet providers that are free with between 10 and 600 days of binaries posts. Nice if you need that sort of thing.

    Try here:

    I have a site posting with other account setup details (buying block accounts, best pricing, etc.). If anyone wants it just PM me...

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    I've using realdebrid for months and it's great. It's about $15 for 3 months, and you have access to tons of different file sharing hosts. I thought at first it must be a scam because it's cheap, and you use it for so many different file sharing sites. But it's legit.

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    Hmmm...I read their FAQ and still can't figure out how this works to bypass the Premium accounts of the hosters. Can anyone explain this??

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    I don't know how it works, but it has saved me tons of money. You can use internet download manager with it, or go to their website and copy and paste links to download. I don't if it's good for people who like to upload a lot of stuff, but it's great if you're a downloader.

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