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    Sex Stories Sites

    The intent is to post a list of sites offering sexually themed stories that are available on-line for free (despite .com used in name of some). It will be updated on a recurring basis and submissions from others are welcomed (If you try to access a site and you get a dead link, let me know so we can transfer it to inactive and then dead status). Have fun and check back once and a while for updates (whcih will be posted immdiately below this introuction next time



    Alt.Sex.Stories/ - Discussion group includes threads for each story with reactions, critiques, etc. Periodic indices are published by "Old Joe"

    Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated/ - The above with spam, flame wars, etc filtered out

    Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository - Alt.Sex.Stories.Text.Repository, archive with just about every strory ever posted going back to circa 1992. Also includes a great section on how to "write sex stories good" with every possible resource that a writer could need - even a name generator (""Dicky Small"?) for your characters.

    Catering to more specialized audiences (many cross postings with ASS), but "one stop shopping" convenience

    Alt.Sex.Stories. Bondage/ - Stories about bondage, domination, sadism and masochism

    Alt.Sex.Stories.Cuckold/ - Wifely (sometimes fiancee) infidelity

    Alt.Sex.Stories.Gay/ - Same sex stories

    Alt.Sex.Stories.Gay.Moderated/ - Moderated same sex stories

    Alt.Sex.Stories.Hetero/ - Heterosexual sex stories

    Alt.Sex.Stories.Incest/ - Every variation imaginable between relatives

    Alt.Sex.Stories.Tg/ - Transgendered, transvestite and transexual stories

    Alt.Sex.Stories.D/ - Meta-discussions about writing sex stories. Worth a stop if you are considering writing.

    Alt.Stories.Erotic/ - A noble attempt to get around spam attracted by the word "sex"

    Alt.Binaries.Stories.Sex/ - The defacto standard is plain ASCII text. Anything else - zip files (compressed), native word processor files (such as Word, Word Perfect, etc), or any attachment file such as graphics files like GIF of JPEG, or HTML (web pages) - goes here



    BDSM Library - BDSM Stories, Bondage Stories, Erotic S&M - BDSM

    EROTIC XXX STORIES - Free Sex Stories And Erotic Fiction Forum - takes you to SEX STORIES POST - free sex stories, erotic stories and incest stories

    FAN FICTION XXX - Dirty Celebrity Sex Stories & Erotic Fantasies - TV and Film characters along with celebrities in action - The optional accessories of sex lives - Stories about ladies like the Maharani of Jansi, not Sitting Bull - All subjects

    SEX STORIES POST - free sex stories, erotic stories and incest stories - All subjects - Spanking (OUCH!) stories - Transexual (requires instillation of PLIGG software package) - I wasn't aware that short stories were part of the Zen discipline...anyway, when you're pressed for time, a collection of short ones

    OTHER SITES - 5K plus stories - favoring the rough side - plus lniks to other sites I haven't had a chance to investigate yet. - Along with ASSTR, the mother lode, over 100K stories. - Story side of a site that also includes videos
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    A few more to add:

    The Ann Douglas site - she is a great writer of actual stories rather than just 'wham bam sex'

    Nifty Erotic is a collection of amateur stories some of which are trash but there are some good stories also

    Stories XNXX a wide range of genre a fair few of the stories being quite weird and some almost gross, but a good number of well written stories

    I will post a few more once I have sorted thro' my list.


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    I believe this is the source site for the first entries in this thread:

    A collection of some of the Clitoride Award winners:


    Some on this site, together with some humor and a lot of modern amatuer stuff:


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    Quote Originally Posted by filbert1 View Post
    Some on this site, together with some humor and a lot of modern amatuer stuff:

    I didn't realise the ''Watchersweb" site had a story section to it?


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    Not a great one, but it's off the home page. Look to the left side.


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    Just a quick note. Xnovels at (see my above post) is again active and is including new novels! :-)


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    a few more: - All subjects - All subjects except incest, underage, rape etc. - All subjects except sexual activity with characters under the age of 18 years old and any sexual activity with animals

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    I would strongly recommend All subjects, free, very large number of stories, new stories every day, etc.

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    Jack Horntip Collection

    Jack Horntip Collection on, look for Books and Manuscripts.
    On this site you will find many Forbidden Books, included the book "Forbidden Books" itself, giving away clues about a book treasure still hidden in our libraries around the world.

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    At least to more can be added: is a compilation of old BBS sites. For the younger visitors: BBS is short for Bulletin Board Systems, places we visited in the 1980's by means of acoustic modems. is a pay site, but about 10 000 stories may be downloaded for free.

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    Small update: Even though this thread is several years old, almost all links are still working. Everyone who wants to find out how asstr works, here is a blog post that helps navigating the site, including its arguably most important archive, the Kristen archive. Here is a relatively new erotic stories website - It's free and there are ~1k stories, most of which come with a picture. The stories are sorted in several categories.

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