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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackrose51 View Post
    Hi Tony,
    Would it be possible to just have you email the files to my email account opr are they too large> I managaed to save the files on Rapidshare to my account there and maybe I am having a seniors moment here but I can not get them to download onto my flash drive or hard drive. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. booboo69er5
    The two parts are 129Mb and 91Mb respectively which I think would be too large to e-mail. They join to form one rar. file of 220Mb containing 1330 separate rar. files - one for each story.

    I am not sure what your problem is, if you have saved them to an RS account then you should be able to Download them to any PC.


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    hey bud, i cant download the novels. wats the catch. could u elucidate? or is it catch 22. ha ha!

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    The link i tried was still active

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    Is this link dead? pl let me know so that i can stop trying download.

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    If the links are dead, you can go to the site and download most of them (plus some ones that were added after the compilation was made). That way, you can also pick out the ones you don't want (for example, I'm not into beastiality and homosexuality, so I skipped those).


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    I just got the files from Rapidshare also, no problems; I am a subscriber.

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    Thnks a lot buddy.. was waiting for this from many days...glad i found it here.....:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BEAUABER237 View Post
    It's a total of 1329 novels from the Golden Age - almost all complete with covers. :eek:

    That's right, over three years worth (My Archives takes no responsibility for carpal tunnel syndrome and/or repetive strain injury) Both sexes, all races, all ages, all species...hell there might even be an alien or two.
    Size: 125829 KB
    Size: 95644 KB

    I downloaded most of NeatoPotato's books before and it was one hell of a job.
    Unfortunately, I had a catastrophic hard drive failure shortly afterward and lost all of them.
    Therefore, I was absolutely thrilled to find your collection posted here!

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    Interesting collection. I used to frequent 2 bookstores back in the 1980's that specialiized in a lot of these kinds of books but I remember having some passages read to me as a lad back in the 1960's by a (now deceased) friend whose parents had a slew of them as well as Sex to Sexty and other mags that he filched...

    I need to find out if there is a digital version of Frank Harris' "My Life and Loves" available. I have an old hardcover version but the digital would be good to have on my ereader or tablet. I read in his biography that his wife burned his unpublished novel on the day he died which was a real tragedy. She of course didn't think so...

    For those having problems downloading from Neatopotatoes and other such sites, right select the properties of the link and then when they display, highlight, ctrl-C and paste into link grabber (unless it does it automatically) in JDownloader. It will parse the links for you and download the file based on the HTML link you used. I use this to download a lot of things and especially stuff from sites that want to use redirectors. Works like a charm...

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    Icon5 What to do now?

    With Rapidshare having gone out of business and the governmental censors, prohibitors, and copyright repressionists attacking all the other sharing sites, what to do now?

    Currently convinced that the links provided are now both dead.

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    Any link on any post pre-2015 is most probably dead. Especially any Rapidshare link.

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    Dunno if I still have the files. I kept lots of stuff from the old site, then promptly lost it again after the site disappeared. I never erased it though, so files should still be around. Have to do some house cleaning soon, so I'll have a look. Might be some stuff still on Usenet as well...

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    Here is hoping you can get these up-loaded to, and hosted on, another site, since Rapidshare is dead.

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    Well, I checked several old hard drives but I could not find those particular files. But then, I downloaded a lot of stuff going back over 15 years. The files (if I downloaded them) might be on old DVDs that I loaded up with site files and stored away in spools. Will be a job and a half to look. If I do find them, I'll let you know. I seem to recall seeing a lot of stuff from this and other sites. I did find 45 GB of Mush's magazines, so I'm on the right track it seems. Also found the Vintage Mags ISOs (vol. 1 through 6). Stuff like that is hard to upload since my ISP only has a 100 Kbps upload speed.

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    Icon4 Since collection cannot be DLed


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    You could try this site.
    All Erotica - LustyBooks

    I do not know if it is identical, but it does have many of the same books.

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    You can also download what I presume to be the original novels (same size) for the pirate bay.
    The torrent is still active.

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    The torrent worked for me as well, half a witt. Thanks.

    When I first DLd that 1330 pile (in 2008) the DL included a filelist (code/title/author/posted), with story dates from 2006 to 2008. This torrent has 1760 stories and appears to be the original 1330 plus. In the torrent pile, the story and author names are preserved, but the story dates given range from 1971 or so to 1987 or so. Here are the file listings I have.

    Actually, no.
    Manage Attachments
    Upload Errors - Invalid File - Invalid File

    Living in the past.

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    torrent not available july 2017

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    the original NeatoPotato filelists from 10 years ago (code, title, author, date posted)
    the MA BEAUABER237 threads from five years ago
    the contents of the torrent (1330 novels, 1192 pieces of artwork)

    The WinRAR 3.71 archive has a recovery record, normal compression (about 53pct), and no password. Avast virus scan sez it's clean.

    1fichier claims that uploaded files will be removed after 15 days without downloads so get 'em, save 'em, and help somebody else out down the road.

    Filename Size
    MAxnovels.part1.rar 71.53 MB
    Download link
    MAxnovels.part2.rar 71.53 MB
    Download link
    MAxnovels.part3.rar 68.95 MB
    Download link

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