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Thread: To our Guests

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    To our Guests

    Why Register to become a member? It is the only way for you to see our many Pictures and Movies in the forum and galleries. Second it is Free and only takes a few minutes of your time.

    How to register

    To register and become a full member, to enjoy the great movies and pictures posted here.

    Just click the register button towards the top of the forum and follow the instructions. Be sure to use a good e-mail address---as the forum will send you a confirmation e-mail ----when you get the e-mail just follow the instructions on it an wam-o you are a member. And it is Free, cost only a few minutes of your time.

    Hint---some e-mail clients put the confirmation e-mail in a "bulk or Spam" folder-- be sure to look there for it if you do not see it in your inbox
    Greatly Missed 1954 - 2007

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    confirmation email etc.

    To all guests wishing to register - try not to put a dud date of birth - you would be surprised just how many put "todays" date a their DOB :rolleyes: That won't work, the software pings you as underage ( you will not get a confirmation email ) and you will have to contact me to sort it out - same goes for those who don't get a confirmation email. . .

    As the late great rabbit said check your spam folder/s.

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    You register and go to the gallery - you cannot open the large sized pics - solution = you must complete your registration through the email link to confirm your registration.

    * Or post to the Support and Feedback forum with your problem

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