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Thread: Tamara Longley

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    Miss Taylor takes a memo

    Tamara Longley and Harry Reems
    from the best print of "Beverly Hills Exposed" c1985 that I've been able to find so far

    Tamara had this delightful habit of cutting short the seductions by saying, "Let's fuck." I don't recall her ever referring to what she did as modeling or escorting or acting. No. Let's fuck.

    Here, she does a superb job of getting rid of Mr. Towns' tension.

    Harry Reems can't act worth a damn.

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    the reverend's daughters

    ... almost all of Tamara's work in Carlos Tobalina's creepy, disturbing, and yet somehow still boring and pointless "Lust Inferno" c1982 ... (William Margold considered this some of his best work - I just made that up)

    1) a hot workout with various leisure appliances,
    2) some footage of her in street clothes or approximations thereof,
    3) a long poolside fuck that was heavily intercut

    Per IAFD, the poolgang consists of Kathy Kay, Cherry Smith, Tamara Longley, one-shot Bert Stingwrong, guy.

    You're obviously not likely to find this some-reassembly-required clip anywhere else and 1fichier will delete the upload 15 days after the last download of it (i.e., they're either storing it for a reason or they're not).

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    LuIn82_TamaraL cuts01-15.avi 194.40 MB
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    at the movies

    ... somewhat rare ...

    This is from Solly's EP cap, 30 years ago, of a Dreamland tape
    "2002: A Sex Odyssey" c1985, now evidently OOP (no DVD re-release).

    His words: "The source is from an EP dub I made of a VHS rental 20+ years ago. The video quality is fair but not great. I think it is quite watchable.

    "Trent (Tom Byron) is HOT for Nevada (Renee Summers). She is not really interested in him but she is interested in taking a joy ride in his father's 'time traveling car' (Back to the Future). 1955 - drive-in movie, 1965 - hippie commune, 1972 - Shrink's Office, 1985 - School Campus." (April 2009)."

    So this is Tamara and Herschel at the drive in c1955.

    The hippie commune scene (Summer Rose, Tamara, Buck Adams) immediately follows. I'll post that to the Summer Rose thread.

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    2002ASO_TL-HS.avi 105.51 MB
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    client privilege

    ... from Carlos Tobalina's "Flesh and Laces" (part 1, c1983) ...

    Tamara is Jamie's attorney. She likes her job and wants to keep it.

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    haunted pussy

    ... another interesting movie from Bob Wolf in his west-coast Lawrence T. Cole reincarnation - "House of Strange Desires" c1985 ...

    This one stars Tamara Longley - she's on-screen throughout. Here's a taste, her first scene, setting up the plot.

    It re-surfaced on p2p in 2015 and I don't know of a DVD release, so I'm assuming this was digitized from a 30-year-old tape. So not bad, considering. Rare-ish VHS covers included.

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    hop hop hop

    Tamara as the energizer bunny
    from Roy Karch's "Pleasure Seekers" c1985

    nice work also in this one by Kristara, Heather Wayne, and little-used Amanda Jane Adams

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    PlSe85_TL-HS.avi 112.10 MB
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    Tamara seduces Lois Ayres here: Lois Ayres
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    fully equipped

    In Gary Graver's "Perfect Partners" c1986, Tamara (as Dr. Jean Valjean) has cured everybody of everything so now it's time for her to relax and enjoy the nice weather.

    But if Amber Lynn, Sheri St. Clair, Lili Marlene, and Tamara naked and frolicking outside in the sun isn't your thing, just stand there and wait for the next bus.

    Speaking of exposure, this was my first exposure to the plumbing accessory Tamara is wearing and frankly, it's not the worst idea I've heard lately.

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    PerPar86_Tamara-outside.avi 66.25 MB
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    Tamara plays poker with hubby-wife team of Jack Mason and Shaun Michelle and little-used Mark Harris here:

    Shaun Michelle

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